Litigation & Corporate Practice

The firm regularly assists our clients in the incorporation of companies, drafting of joint-venture agreements, drafting of memorandum of understanding, as well as advisory work for foreign direct investments into Singapore.

We routinely assist clients with the drafting and vetting of employment contracts and advisory work under Singapore’s labour legislations. Some of the common issues that require legal support include advisory work in respect of retrenchment benefits, unfair dismissal, restraint of trade, restrictive covenants in employment contracts.

This area of practice covers the application of the grant of probate, letters of administration from the courts upon the demise of a family member. It also covers the resealing of grant of probate which may have been obtained in a foreign court to deal with assets that are based in Singapore.

Besides offences under the Penal Code, the firm also handles cases involving statutory offences under the various commercial or corporate codes which may cover insider trading, corruption and other general white collar crimes.