Mr. Subir Singh graduated from the National University of Singapore with an LLB (Hons) in 1988 and was admitted to the Singapore Bar in March 1989. He is a general practitioner whose field of work encompasses divorce (including Syariah court matters), probate, criminal law, contract, tort and company law including medical malpractice suits amongst others. Apart from general practice, he also specialises in high end personal injury suits involving severely disabled and spinal injury patients, contentious contractual and company matters in the Supreme Court. He is also a counsel for the Legal Aid Bureau where he acts for legally aided litigants in personal injury and malpractice suits.

Areas of Practice
  • Conveyance & Property Law
  • Law of Landlord & Tenant
  • Wills & Trust
  • Deed Polls & Power of Attorney
  • Company Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Contract Law
  • Ligitation
  • Corporate Practice
  • Personal Injury Ligitation
  • Insurance Law
  • Dispute Resolution and Civil Litigation